Royal Rangers International (RRI) hosted the Global Leaders Encounter July 13-15, 2012. One hundred attendees from 28 nations attended this historic event on the campus of Evangel University in Springfield, Missouri.

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Foundation Session
Celebration Session
Banquet & Leadership Session
Vision Session



Unity in Diversity
by Gerhard & Tammy Uys
National Commanders, South Africa

“Unity in Diversity” was the impression we received at the Global Leaders Encounter (GLE). Royal Ranger leaders from around the world met together for the first time to celebrate the faithfulness of God.

What a beautiful display of our Father’s creativity: a gathering of many different people, nations, colors, cultures, and personalities—all determined to reach the next generation for the kingdom of God through Royal Rangers.

Though using different methods, we are united in the vision and mission to mentor and disciple boys and girls to become what God has planned and purposed for them.

“It is not what you bring to a group which matters most, but what you unlock while you are there,” wrote Karen Lee-Thorp in How to Ask Great Questions. This definitely happened for every delegate in attendance, through the sessions with RRI director Doug Marsh and our guest speaker, Dr. Tim Elmore.

We left the two day event with such a rich feeling, having experienced God’s renewed direction and knowing that it is an honor as well as an awesome responsibility to be part of this God-given ministry wherever we are called to walk in it.

With God’s help we will do our best!

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